Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium



Professionals and managers from industry and academia from the fields of

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Agricultural machienry and vehicles
  • Construction machinery
  • Special-purpose vehicles



Energy and Resource Efficiency

  • Energy- and resource-efficient product lifecylce
  • Develop of energy- and resource-saving products
  • Electromobility
  • Efficient production technologies and processes
  • Lightweight design

Safety and Reliability

  • Functional safety
  • Failure safety and robustness
  • Component design bases and load data analysis
  • Product testing
  • Model-based diagnosis and model-based monitoring
  • Quality assurance of embedded software
  • Test automation

Virtual Product Development

  • System simulation and component simulation
  • On-board simulation
  • Variation and confi guration management
  • Modeling of usage- and variant-diversity
  • Digital valiation

Vehicle-Environment-Human Interaction

  • Driver assistance systems
  • Chassis control systems
  • Usage modeling
  • Tire/- and tool/ground interaction
  • Human-machine interface, usability
  • Vehicle interneting